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Online Education Course 2 for Educators, School Admin and Coaches

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Educators, School Administrators and Coaches (ESAC)

with Trainer Gail Hogan, Safety Expert Mike Stinson and citizenAID™ Medical Director Richard Schwartz

With close to 40 minutes of video instruction, you can complete this course in less than an hour!

The Educators, School Administrators, and Coaches (ESAC) course will help bring calm to chaos for those people who are responsible for the well-being of children and young adults. Special attention is paid in this course to classroom safety and general campus awareness, as well as medical know-how that will allow a completely non-clinical professional to intervene and save lives before paramedics arrive. Designed to complement your protocols that are already in place, and add exceptional and invaluable information that will help you, help others.

You will have 6 months, from the time of purchase, to complete the course.