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Many people across the country have prepared themselves to know what to do when someone collapses with a heart attack. But being able to act effectively after serious injury from an accident or an intentional act requires different knowledge and skills.

Empowering Every Citizen

There are many people alive today because of the actions of “citizen responders.” In the first crucial minutes following an incident, before emergency services arrive, simple actions like opening an airway or stopping bleeding, have been vital in saving people’s lives.

We are passionate about empowering people so that they have the skills to help in the unlikely event they are caught up in a traumatic incident. Our simple system is available for free and easy to use.

citizenAID™ helps the general public to be effective in a situation before emergency services are available to provide professional medical support.

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Be Prepared, Not Scared™

Take 3 Simple Actions

citizenAID™ offers three simple steps to ensure you are prepared for an incident

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Take a short, inexpensive, yet invaluable, online course guided by the best safety experts and doctors in America.
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citizenAID Equipment

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We can ensure that your home, school, workplace and house of worship have easily accessible lifesaving kits. There is no reason your entire community should not be prepared.

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Launched 2018

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With the right skills and knowledge YOU can deliver care to yourself, your friends and family and to the stranger caught up in a violent incident. We want to share this vital information with as many people as possible. It starts with our free, no ads, app.

By disseminating our app for free in the U.S., citizenAID™ proudly encompasses and supports the STOP The Bleed® campaign.


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Join the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who are becoming prepared with citizenAID™.

We are committed to donating a percentage of all sales to citizenAID™ charities

Get The Lifesaving Training

Take a short online course now, on your computer, tablet or phone.


Hosted by our Head of Training Gail Hogan and taught by subject matter experts in safety and emergency medicine. You will learn lifesaving skills, including how to correctly make and apply a tourniquet, how to stay safe on scene and how to effectively relay information to 911.

These skills will help to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Become a citizenAID™ responder today.

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We are committed to donating a percentage of all sales to citizenAID™ charities

Get The Lifesaving Kits

Ensure your home, school, workplace, and house of worship have these lifesaving kits.

Our Public Treatment Kit (PTK) is a compact, vacuum-sealed kit that is ideal to place in your desk at work, car, briefcase, or simply around the home. Our wall-mounted stations for public access contain multiple kits that are ideal for schools, public buildings, offices, malls or places of worship.

We have a scalable approach to getting the correct amount of life-saving equipment into your hands as a citizenAIDresponder.

Our Classroom Sponsorship Program makes it easy for you to donate a Public Treatment Kit and an online training to a teacher or coach of your choice, making sure our country’s educators are prepared for anything.

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When we all work together we can make a difference in the lives of others.

Our mission

citizenAID™ enables the general public to be effective during life-threatening situations before emergency services are available to provide professional medical support.

What we do

When there is a catastrophic event, whether it’s an intentional act, an accident, or a natural disaster, the initial priority will be public safety. This can delay the time before first responders are able to reach the injured. citizenAID™ enables the general public to be effective in these situations before EMTs and paramedics are available to provide professional medical support.

citizenAID™ is a simple, logical system of immediate actions, designed to guide the public to react safely, to pass effective messages to first-responders, to prioritize the injured, and to give life-saving first aid. This combination of effective organization and immediate treatment will save lives.

The fundamental resources of citizenAID™ are available to the whole public, and are free to access and use. Additional optional training is available for those who work in jobs where there is a perceived higher threat or increased likelihood of encountering multiple casualties.

Our history

citizenAID™ was developed by civilian and military clinicians with decades of experience in trauma medicine, mass casualty incident management, and battlefield casualty triage and treatment in collaboration with the medical industry to improve public resilience.

citizenAID™ builds on tried and tested principles that have been used by soldiers to reduce preventable death on the battlefield. citizenAID™ transfers the knowledge and skills to the public so that you can help yourself, your family and the wider community.

citizenAID™ North America is a proud supporter of the STOP The Bleed® initiative

Be prepared. With citizenAID™, you can save lives.

Who We Are

Robert M. Otter

Robert M. Otter

Co-Founder and CEO

Bob has spent his entire career in the emergency response field. Currently in his 23rd year in the fire service as a Firefighter and EMT and the last 15 years also in the pre-hospital medical equipment industry. His development of citizenAID™ North America is the culmination of both his street clinical and business professional experience saving lives. Read Full BioAfter decades of responding to incidents and seeing patient outcomes directly correlate to speed of initial care, for Bob, the citizenAID™ mission is personal. He has summed up his belief in citizenAID™ this way “The concept we are explaining is fundamental, the skills we are teaching are very basic and the fact is that if we disseminate this information in a manner that is accessible to all and easily repeatable by everyone, we will save thousands of lives. When we all work together we can make a huge difference in the lives of others”
Bob is a graduate of Denison University in Granville Ohio and is married with two children. Collapse Full Bio

Dr. Richard Schwartz

Dr. Richard Schwartz

Medical Director

As Medical Director for citizenAID™ North America, Dr. Schwartz draws on deep knowledge and experience in emergency medicine to shape the citizenAID™ approach. He also serves as Professor and Chairman for the Department of Emergency Medicine Hospitalist Services at Augusta University and Medical College of Georgia. Read Full BioDr. Schwartz is a 1989 graduate of Wayne State University School of Medicine. He completed his internship at William Beaumont Army Medical Center and then completed his Emergency Medicine Residency training at Madigan Army Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington. He has extensive military operational experience. He served with the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He also served with the 1st Special Warfare Training Group (Airborne) and the Joint Special Operations Command (Airborne). Dr. Schwartz was Chief of Emergency Medicine at Eisenhower Army Medical Center before joining the MCG faculty and received numerous awards during his Army service including the bronze star and two meritorious service medals.
While at MCG, he has been instrumental in curriculum development. He was one of the original developers of the National Disaster Life Support Courses. These innovative courses such as Basic and Advanced Disaster Life Support (BDLS and ADLS) bridge the gap between numerous military and civilian groups that may need to work together during major disasters. The courses have been taught in forty-eight states leading to the training of over one hundred thousand providers. More recently he has worked with the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) on the development of standardized training for tactical emergency medical support. He is very active in research pertaining to the improving the methods employed in austere and disaster medical situations. His relevant publications include three Disaster Medicine textbooks and chapters in three additional texts.Dr. Schwartz has published extensively in the field with numerous abstracts and peer-reviewed articles pertaining to Disaster Medicine. Dr. Schwartz is an active participant in the Terrorism Injuries: Information Dissemination and Exchange (TIIDE) project with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This project has helped lead efforts for standardized disaster triage through the National Association for EMS Physician (NAEMSP). He is also a medical device innovator and holds eight patents. Collapse Full Bio

YOU can save lives!

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