Schools Initiative 2024 - citizenAID™ of North America

Instill Safety and Confidence with the School Preparedness Initiative!

Equip every corner of your school – classrooms, cafeterias, and common areas – with lifesaving equipment while ensuring your staff is trained and confident in utilizing Public Treatment Kits to treat those injured.

By instilling simple yet vital skills within your school community, you’re fostering a critical mass of individuals ready to respond swiftly and adeptly to severe injuries even before EMS arrives.

Plus, our exclusive partnership with the School Superintendents Association doubles your impact. For every online training course purchased, we match one-for-one,propelling us closer to our goal of providing free training to one million teachers nationwide.


Join us in revolutionizing school safety and preparedness. Embrace the School Preparedness initiative today.

What School Districts Are Saying...

  • Through this program we’re getting treatment kits in every classroom, installing wall stations in common areas, and training our teachers and administrators to react calmly and effectively in the unlikely event of a crisis. Preparing for traumatic incidents makes everyone safer by being able to provide basic medical care while waiting for emergency responders to arrive. For only about $3 per student, we’re making every classroom in Granville schools safer.

    Jeff Brown
    Granville Schools Superintendent
  • By partnering with citizenAID we are able to train all 500 teachers across Crawford County, which will directly benefit each and every one of our 7,000 students.

    Margaret Thonton
    Executive Director of Crawford College Connection
  • I think as a school, if you want to put safety first, you have to put everything you possibly can in the hands of your people.

    Pamela Berg
    Principal, Suring Public Schools
  • Our partnership with citizenAID solidifies our commitment to safety. While we hope they never happen, we know that preparing for crises can help the outcome. That’s why we’re not only training our teachers but also installing treatment kits throughout our campus and in our school buses. We are proud to take these important steps to do the best we can to protect the 1,000 students that walk our halls.

    Bruce Gast
    Superintendent of Elgin Local Schools
  • In those rare instances when we can’t prevent a crisis, basic medical treatment can make all the difference in keeping our kids safe before EMTs and paramedics arrive on the scene. That’s why we chose to partner with citizenAID. Their kits and curriculum will provide our staff with both the knowledge and tools required to make an immediate impact.

    Doug Ute
    Newark City Schools Superintendent
  • This partnership represents a huge step towards securing our students and educators. With citizenAID’s one-for-one matching program, we have an even greater opportunity to train teachers and faculty to prepare for emergencies. Our students’ and teachers’ safety are incredibly important to us and securing an exclusive strategic schools solutions partnership with citizenAID is going to help us prepare schools across the country.

    Dan Domenech
    Executive Director, AASA, The School Superintendents Association

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