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citizenAID™ 101 – citizenAID™ for Everyone

with Trainer Gail Hogan, Safety Expert Mike Stinson and citizenAID™ Medical Director Dr. Richard Schwartz

With close to 40 minutes of video instruction, you can complete this course in less than an hour!

The citizenAID™ 101 course teaches you how “to be aware and prepare,” how to keep yourself safe from harm, step-by-step what to do should you be in an active violent incident, how to medically intervene to save your life or others by improvising medical equipment should you not have any available. An invaluable training designed for everybody to save lives before help arrives. Take the class and spread the word. Become a citizenAID™ Responder.

You will have 6 months, from the time of purchase, to complete the course.