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High Visibility Wall Station with Case of 8 Public Treatment Kits

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1 Public Treatment Case 8 in Wall Cabinet with Mounting Hardware and 5 tamper seals included

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A high visibility and fully reflective wall case that contains a Public Treatment Case that has 8 Public Treatment Kits inside it. These Wall Stations are designed for schools, businesses, churches, public buildings and transportation hubs. Perfect for anywhere there is a chance multiple people could be injured and lives could be saved by our network of citizen responders.

These Wall Stations need to be in a well-traveled area within your organization and with the free citizenAID™ app we have empowered all of your employees, parishioners and visitors to know what to do should they be called to act. All Wall Stations come with tamper-evident safety seals so management/maintenance can see from the outside if the Wall Station has been opened.