30 Minute Online Bleeding Control & Emergency First-Aid Class


Designed by Military and Civilian Emergency Physicians to provide you and your family with the skills to help save the life of a critically injured person, before help arrives.

The skills taught in this course have received the attention of the national press and have saved the lives of thousands of people.

On completion of this class you will receive a link to forward to a teacher of your choice to claim their free training.

Recommended for 13 years of age and up due to subject matter and imagery


Online Bleeding Control & Emergency First-Aid Class
with citizenAID™ Medical Director Dr. Richard Schwartz

You will have access to this course for six months and during that time you can take it as often as you like. You will also nominate a teacher and we will send them the training for free. Help us train every teacher in America with these vital lifesaving skills.

The only emergency treatment class chosen by the US School Superintendents Association (AASA)


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