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Preparedness is personal

Jaime Stathis of WIRED Magazine writes …

How to Practice Emergency Preparedness as Self-Care

It's not just about buying a lot of stuff from a list. The key to being ready is all about framing your planning with gratitude, rest, and community.

Preparedness is personal, and it exists on a broad spectrum. For some people, it’s tied to a season—hurricane season in the South or wildfire season in the West. In some communities, you have folks boarding up the windows days before a storm makes landfall while others ignore evacuation warnings, figuring they can just settle into the laundry room with a box of donuts, a flashlight, and a good book.

Luckily there is a middle ground. …

“Preparedness has always been delivered through a filter of fear,” Belfi says. “And it takes on a tone of ‘You have to do this or else,'” One of her goals is to get people to see resilience through a mindfulness lens, by switching the narrative from something you have to do to something you get to do.


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“Over the years, it has become clear that we needed to figure out how to empower the public to treat serious  injuries prior to EMS arriving.”

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