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Elgin School District puts citizenAID kits in Classrooms

Elgin Local Schools in Marion Ohio is joining a growing number of districts across the country that are providing special kits, which are meant to help with injuries resulting from school shootings and other violent incidents, to its staff.

“It is a move that has been a year in the making”, said Superintendent Bruce Gast. 

“The hope is that we will never have to open them,” he said. “But we have to be prepared for the unthinkable.”

Proponents for the kits say it has the potential to save lives, giving students and faculty the tools needed to address serious wounds while waiting for first responders.

“We are not asking for anyone to become a doctor overnight, but if they know how to apply a tourniquet or bandage, it might save someone’s life,” Gast said. “It’s easy to learn.”



The district also has routine lockdown drills and an evacuation plan. 

However, school officials said in the case of a shooting, the building has to be secured before paramedics can enter. That can take some time. 

Gast said it’s important for serious injuries to be attended to as quickly as possible. 

The Elgin school board recently approved purchasing 150 kits from citizenAID that will be placed in the building this fall.

The district has also set a day in August where staff members will be trained in how to properly stabilize gunshot and other wounds.

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