Franklin County Emergency Management - citizenAID™ of North America

Franklin County Emergency Management

Franklin County Emergency Management and Ohio Homeland Security plan to purchase 900 to 1,000 trauma bags from citizenAID North America for distribution among emergency responders in 15 central Ohio counties.

The goal is to provide basic supplies that can be used to stop bleeding during incidents involving mass casualties.

Each trauma bag contains a half-dozen kits, each including gauze, pressure dressings, tourniquets and other supplies needed to provide initial treatment for wounds.

Jeffrey Young, director of Franklin County EMA and Homeland Security, said the bags will be provided to police, firefighters, and others to drop off for victims’ use, freeing responders to secure buildings and address more-serious injuries.

“It allows them to basically give out first-aid supplies and start self-treatment or assisting others, and lets those street-level supervisors focus on their primary responsibility when they show up at a scene,” Young said. “They show up at a scene, they can grab these out of a trunk, they can drop them in a group of people who are injured.”   

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