Our goal as an organization is a big one - citizenAID™ of North America

Our goal as an organization is a big one

With your help we are going to Train a Million Teachers and Coaches for FREE.

For every citizenAID™ Online Course taken we will give a free license to a school district. Help us reach that goal, take one of our short and inexpensive courses online and tell your friends that you are now a Citizen Responder and you will have taken us one step closer to our goal.

The citizenAID™ 101 course walks you through how “to be aware and prepare”, how to keep yourself safe from harm, step by step what to do should you be in an active violent incident and how to medically intervene to save your life or others by improvising medical equipment should you not have any available. An invaluable training designed for everybody to save lives before help arrives. Take the training

We need you to be our voice and spread the word in your own community. Social Media is a great way to do this and we very much appreciate the “Likes”, “Shares” and “Forwards”.

There is No Reason We Can’t reach this goal and  Educate, Empower and Equip everyone in the country so they can save a life.