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Simple Actions that Save Lives

YOU Are Making A Difference In The Lives of Those Around You

I have spent a great deal of time the past few weeks, as I am sure you have, reflecting on the events unfolding around us. One thing that keeps coming back into my head is the uniqueness of this moment in our history. COVID-19, unlike challenges we have faced before, is impacting ALL of us, actually changing ALL of our lives and the way we live them every day. 

As Governors in multiple states do the right thing by signing emergency orders to keep the majority of us home and socially distanced from each other, we ALL are now playing a role in slowing the spread of this awful virus. By adhering to these simple (albeit frustrating at times) steps we are helping our first responders and emergency healthcare workers do their jobs in the fight to save lives.

What we are being asked to do as a nation right now speaks to the core of citizenAID. We as a country are being asked to take simple steps that will ultimately save the lives of those around us. When I started citizenAID North America just over 24 months ago, I wanted to make a difference. As a First Responder who has worked the streets for 25 years, I knew the exponential difference that bystanders could make at an emergency scene. I wanted to empower 300 Million Americans with the knowledge and skills to save lives before help arrived. I wanted to lower preventable death in this country from trauma related injuries and I wanted to give the public a simple system of steps that would make a positive difference in the lives of those around them. 

Those of you that have signed up to be Ambassadors of the citizenAID mission, those of you that have helped us surpass 600,000 global downloads of our free app, have helped us provide FREE Online Trauma Training to over 20,000 teachers and have put our Public Treatment Kits into hundreds of schools, businesses, houses of worship etc.. You all are now the tip of the spear to help stop the spread of COVID-19. I ask that you embrace this new role and be leaders in your community. Ultimately the actions you take today will, without a doubt, save lives tomorrow. Please stress the importance of social distancing to anyone and everyone that will listen just as you have done to help us grow citizenAID these past two years.
Thank You for all you are doing to help get our country through to the other side of this. We will get there, we will get there soon and we will be stronger because of the work we are all doing together to make a difference in the lives of those around us. In the meantime, take a breath, take care of your families, check in on your neighbors, say a prayer for our healthcare workers and most of all, stay healthy! As always, we are here if you need us.

Warmest Regards,
Bob Otter.

Robert M Otter

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