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Suring School District Places PTKs in Classrooms

As schools prepare to start another year, in addition to new structural security measures, many are taking steps to train staff how to save lives or stop the bleed if there are serious injuries in a school shooting or similar incident.

“I think as a school, if you want to put safety first, you have to put everything you possibly can in the hands of your people.” says Pamela Berg, principal at Suring Public Schools. And that’s exactly why Berg jumped at the chance to have medical kits placed in every classroom and other busy areas.

Our PTK kits contain gauze, tourniquets & other medical supplies teachers, staff or community members would need to stop the bleed and save a life before emergency responders could arrive.

Through our continued partnership with the Regional Trauma Advisory Council (NEW RTAC) we are matching their trainings 1-for-1, working towards our goal to donate 1 million trainings to schools for free.

See the complete coverage by Sarah Thomsen at WBAY-TV ABC2

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