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citizenAID joins with AASA to improve school safety

This week we are delighted to announce our partnership with the AASA, The School Superintendents Association to make our public schools a safer place to learn.

Speaking about this partnership Daniel A. Domenech, Executive Director, AASA said that “This partnership represents a huge step towards securing safety for our children, … Working together, we know we can equip schools on a large scale.

By joining with their mission to improve school safety across the county

This partnership with AASA will have a huge impact on millions of students and educators,” said Bob Otter, Founder & CEO, citizenAID North America. “Our mission is to save lives. We are thrilled that an organization that touches the lives of so many students can help us with our goal to train one million teachers at no cost.”

As their exclusive partner for bleeding control and emergency medical treatment, this partnership will ensure that the most effective and cost-efficient solution for safety and comprehensive initial care of serious injuries is delivered to schools.

Together #WeArecitizenAID 


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