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Partnership with Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce

citizenAID and Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce Partner to Train Thousands of Local Employees

This Partnership Will Give Hundreds of Businesses Access to Life-Saving Training and Equipment

Our formal partnership to provide local businesses with citizenAID’s life-saving online training courses and public treatment kits. Will give over 430 local businesses – from solo entrepreneurs and mom and pop shops to billion-dollar companies – access to citizenAID’s online training courses so that their employees can learn how to react to various crisis situations and treat wounded people before help arrives. Additionally, citizenAID’s free mobile application is available for download for all employees – and all citizens nationwide. The courses and app were designed by emergency response experts with decades of experience.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with citizenAID to bring such vital information and knowledge to our members, and other local businesses. Giving our members and their employees – and all the citizens in our community – the ability to step in and save lives while first responders are on their way is immensely valuable. From acts of violence, to natural disasters and even serious workplace accidents, citizenAID gives you the knowledge to provide much needed help. Providing value to our members and our community has been a hallmark of our history for the last 46 years, and this partnership with citizenAID will continue that tradition.”

Libby Gierach, President and CEO of the Hilliard Area Chamber of Commerce

Please join us at our September 21st luncheon to learn about citizenAID



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