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Great Shake Out

Preparing for Natural Disasters: The Great ShakeOut
Across the world this week, millions of people “stopped, dropped, and held on” as a part of the tenth annual Great ShakeOut. The international day is dedicated to earthquake preparedness and encourages everyone to participate in a worldwide earthquake drill.
Although our monitoring systems and technology are getting better, we can’t always foresee when a natural disaster will occur, making safety preparedness a
top priority. For ten years, the ShakeOut has partnered with schools, businesses, and federal agencies to make sure everyone in communities across the globe
has the knowledge they need in case of an earthquake.
Programs like this are important because the more empowered the public is to handle natural disasters or any other emergency the safer we all are.
The unpredictable nature of emergencies often makes them scary. Fortunately, we can reduce fear and anxiety of the unknown by simply educating the public and giving them the basic trauma care tools they need to keep themselves safe, and save the lives of others.
And that’s exactly what we’re committed to here at citizenAID.
Our app is a resource for anyone in an emergency situation, from natural disasters like an earthquake, to manmade incidents that require medical attention.
Empowering ourselves, our friends, and our families is a lot easier with organizations like ShakeOut and citizenAID.


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