Why I joined citizenAID Dr Perry Walton - citizenAID™ of North America

Why I joined citizenAID Dr Perry Walton

I am a board certified, practicing Emergency Medicine Physician, a former flight medic in the U.S. Army, and an active member of two SWAT teams. Through these experiences I have seen first-hand how important, basic trauma care can be for improving outcomes in times of disaster.

Medical professionals can only get to an emergency so quickly, and as a result there will always be a lapse in time between the point of injury and access to professional treatment. The military has a program that trains non-medics on how to render simple care until a medical professional arrives.

Through this program the preventable death rate on the battlefield has decreased by approximately twenty five percent. citizenAID has taken this program and contextualized it into a program for everyday citizens.

Not only am I a veteran, a doctor, and a SWAT team member, I’m also a dad. I don’t need to tell you that my kids’ safety is my number one concern, I have peace of mind dropping them off at a school that’s well equipped with citizenAID Public Treatment Kits and trained teachers. More than 800 teachers and staff have been trained districtwide.

If I can help get other kids’ teachers trained and their schools equipped to deal with the unforeseeable, I will.

That’s why I’ve joined  citizenAID North America: To get training into our schools, businesses, and stadiums to make sure every possible life can be saved in an act of violence or natural disaster.

We’re committed to our mission to save lives and have set an ambitious goal of training one million teachers to help achieve it.

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