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Training Every Teacher

Ridgedale Local Schools Partner with citizenAID to Train Every Teacher and Place Bleeding Control Treatment Kits in Every Classroom

We are excited to announce  that the second district in Marion, Ohio is partnering with us to increase disaster preparedness and bolster the safety of their students.

Robert Britton, Ridgedale Local Schools Superintendent said “Partnering with citizenAID doesn’t just benefit the students and faculty when they’re behind our walls, but also makes the community safer as a whole… citizenAID has made this easier for us, and with their one-for-one matching program, we are able to train every teacher throughout our schools.”


This marks an important milestone for us as we work towards our goal of training 1 million teachers for free.

Importantly Ridgedale is not only training all of their teachers but they are replacing some of the bleeding control kits that they already had with kits that are size appropriate for school-age children.
“It often makes us uncomfortable to think of moments when a school may need a smaller tourniquet, but we can actually save lives if we prepare for the unthinkable” Bob Otter Founder/CEO citizenAID

Learn more about citizenAID and our partnerships with AASA, The School Superintendents Association

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