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National Stop The Bleed Day

Saturday, March 31st will be National Stop the Bleed Day!

The Stop the Bleed campaign which began as a White House initiative is an important program that focuses on training and education to stop life-threatening hemorrhage at the point of injury.

Training of this kind provides everyday citizens to learn basic life-saving skills that will allow them to help save a life when confronted with the injured from man-made or natural disasters. These life-saving skills are similar to those that have been taught to military personnel and have been shown to safe lives in combat. citizenAID is a proud contributor to the Stop the Bleed campaign and offers a free app that teaches the basic skills of initial actions to be taken, triage global sorting, hemorrhage control and integration with professional responders. I hope that you find the free citizenAID app helpful and that you become prepared and not scared!

Richard B. Schwartz, MD, FACEP

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