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Teaching Teachers to Save Lives

Public safety officials across Northeast Wisconsin stood together Monday, to announce our training partnership with Northeast Wisconsin Healthcare Emergency Readiness Coalition & NEW RTAC,  both part of the Department of Public Health.

While there have been lots of drills and training about what to do if there’s a shooter, first responders say there’s a gap when it comes to helping the wounded before emergency crews arrive.

“We know the only way to lower the preventable death rate is to have the public act,” says Bob Otter, co-founder of citizenAID North America.

The new partnership is offering nearly 3,000 teachers and school staff across Northeast Wisconsin free training for basic first aid when it comes to injuries from gunshots, stabbings or bombings.

No one wants to think about it, but public safety officials say it’s critical everyone learn how to help people who cannot wait a few extra minutes for paramedics to arrive.

The phrase “RUN, HIDE, FIGHT” has become common as active shooter incidents continue across the country.

Now, police, fire and medical crews want to add one more step: TREAT.

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